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Discover Medicinal Innovation

As a healthcare professional, it’s a given, you want to provide patients with the best care possible. What that entails and how to deliver it, is up to each individual provider to decide. In an industry that often seems to move at the speed of light, it is an uphill battle for physicians to stay current with all the latest developments in medicine. A 2011 study in Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association, suggests medical advancements that took 50 years to accomplish in 1950 now occur in a matter of months.

Let’s narrow the playing field a bit and ask, how do you identify innovations in medicine and specifically over the counter medicines to help your patients?

How to find the latest and greatest OTC medications to recommend for patients 

Amidst your schedule of caring for patients, it can feel like there is little time for continuing education. But can you find some time to talk?

OPTION 1: Arguably one of the most efficient and common ways to stay current is to talk with other healthcare professionals. This can be colleagues - past and present, study groups, local pharmacists, and so on. Many members of our HCP community connect via Facebook groups, call on college connections or other clinics. You’d be surprised who is willing to speak with you if you simply ask. If you are looking to connect with other healthcare professionals, apply here to join our HCP community.

OPTION 2: Visit a natural store like Whole Foods.

Why Whole Foods? Each location has Specialty Associates charged to lead the knowledge on Personal Care merchandise. A short visit and conversation with them can be an efficient way to stay on top of decoding OTC ingredient lists so that you may recommend the best products to align with your philosophy of care. You might be surprised to learn about the key ingredients in products you have been recommending for years. Your visit will shape your understanding of medicinal trends and can guide your recommendations to patients. In turn, you strengthen relationships with parents as a trusted partner and healthcare provider.

The options are endless when it comes to OTC medications proven to remedy all sorts of conditions and symptoms. But one thing remains the same across them all:

OTC medications are potent substances that should be taken with care to ensure proper usage and patient safety. The U.S Food & Drug Administration offers an abundant library of resources covering everything from reading the labels of OTC medications to drug interactions to understanding and appreciating the differences between children and adults when it comes to medication.

Children's Acetaminophen Dosing Chart

Beyond understanding ingredients, it’s important to have accessible resources for proper dosing. Genexa offers easy access through their HCP Community Portal, access here.

About Genexa

We’re Genexa and we’re the first clean medicine company. Founded by two dads on a mission to revolutionize the medicine aisle, Genexa makes medicine with the same active ingredients people need, but without the artificial inactive ones they don’t. We believe people deserve a clean choice. That’s why our business is built on the commitment to put people over everything. All of our products are made to the highest standards of clean with no artificial dyes, common allergens, or unnecessary synthetic ingredients. It’s real medicine, made clean. Learn how we’re putting people over everything, in everything we do, at And to find a Genexa retailer near you, visit our interactive Store Locator.

Interested in APAP samples for your office?

We provide free pediatric samples for healthcare professionals. Simply request your free samples of pediatric acetaminophen here. To learn more about Genexa, visit our website, and watch our brand video.

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